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Selecting the Search in Existing User-Defined Values according to Saved Query radio button adds additional fields to the User-Defined Values - Setup window. The field directly beneath the radio button is used to select the saved query.

  1. Double-click the field below the radio button. The Queries Manager window displays.

  2. Locate the required query and double-click it. The query name will be entered in the field.

  3. Choose Update.

Auto Refresh When Field Changes

The Auto Refresh When Field Changes checkbox toggles the execution of linked queries and the display of its results in the field to which the query is linked.

To conduct an auto refresh, choose the field type for the refresh operation (Title or Table) and the field name. You can select the field from the dropdown menu.

Select the option When exiting altered column to refresh when a Table type field changes. Select the desired field from the list of Table fields found in the dropdown menu (located under Auto Refresh When Field Changes). Any change in the selected field will cause the search field to be refreshed.

If you deselect the Auto Refresh When Field Changes checkbox, values can only be entered in the text field by selecting the field and choosing Shift+F2 (or selecting   Tools   User-Defined Values   from the menu bar).

When this checkbox is selected, the refresh is performed when one of the two field types changes:

  • Title field: Any field in the window located outside the window’s table.

  • Table field: Any field located in the window’s table.

If the Auto Refresh When Field Changes checkbox is selected, the dropdown menu below it becomes active. The following two radio buttons are displayed:

Refresh Regularly:

Selecting Refresh Regularly causes the search field to be refreshed each time you open or browse to the document containing the formatted search. If the field is linked to a query, this opens a multi-row Choose from List window, the first value appearing on the list will be chosen during an auto refresh.

Avoid using the Refresh Regularly option for this type of query because it might affect documents you did not intend to affect.

Auto refresh is not be implemented in fields that cannot be updated, for example account code in an existing journal entry and item code in an existing delivery note.

As a result of the auto refresh (of editable fields) the document's status changes from OK to Update. Press the Update button or the Enter key to update the document (if the value in the field has changed). Therefore, ensure that the auto-refreshed query is required before selecting this option.

Display Saved User-Defined Values:

Select Display Saved User-Defined Values to display the value saved in the field during the addition/update of the document i.e. the value saved in the database. The field will be refreshed only if you replace the field linked to the query.