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The toolbar, located below the menu bar, is a collection of icons that provide easy access to commonly used functions. Active functions are shown in color, while inactive ones are grayed out.

The functions represented by the buttons are also available in the menu bar.

To hide or show a toolbar, right-click in the toolbar area and select or deselect, as required.

Toolbar Icons



Preview... (Preview...)

Enables you to view a document before printing. See also Print Preview.

Print... (Print...)

Prints the active document on the specified printer.

E-mail... (E-mail...)

Displays the Send Message window, in which you add the E-mail address and enter the text of the message.

SMS... (SMS...)

Displays the Send Message window, in which you enter the phone number and the text of your SMS message.

Fax... (Fax...)

Displays the Send Message window, in which you add the Fax number and enter the text for the fax.


Enables you to export data to Microsoft Excel.


Enables you to export data to Microsoft Word.


Enables you to export data as a PDF (portable document format) file.

Launch Application... (Launch Application...)

Enables you to launch different applications directly from SAP Business One. See also Launch Application.

Lock Screen (Lock Screen)

Enables you to lock the active screen. See also File Menu.

Find (Find)

Switches to Find mode. See also Working in the Find Mode.

Add (Add)

Switches to Add mode. See also Working in the Add Mode.

First Data Record (First Data Record)

Previous Record (Previous Record)

Next Record (Next Record)

Last Data Record (Last Data Record)

Enables you to navigate between objects of the same type. See also Data Menu.

Filter Table... (Filter Table...)

Enables you to search and display specific data in SAP Business One. See Filtering Data in SAP Business One.

Sort Table... (Sort Table...)

Enables you to sort data in a table. See Sorting Data in Tables.

Base Document... (Base Document...)

Target Document... (Target Document...)

Displays a document that has been created on the basis of the selected document or as a follow-up to the selected document. For example, you can view the original sales quotation or the subsequent A/R invoice from a delivery.

Gross Profit... (Gross Profit...)

Displays the Gross Profit window for a sales document. See Gross Profit.

Payment Means... (Payment Means...)

Enables you to specify payment means for a document. See Payment Means.

Volume and Weight Calculation... (Volume and Weight Calculation...)

Calculates the volume and weight of the items in marketing documents.

Transaction Journal... (Transaction Journal...)

Displays the Transaction Journal Report with the summary of all the accounting transactions.

Journal Entry Preview (Journal Entry Preview)

Enables you to preview the corresponding journal entry posting before you add a document that generates journal entry. If adding the document triggers more than one journal entry posting, you can preview all at one time.

Note Note

If transactions are posted to journal entries, for example, by another user, during journal entry preview, the final journal entry might differ from the one previewed.

End of the note.

Layout Designer... (Layout Designer...)

Lets you select a layout or printing sequence and edit layouts for printing documents and reports. See Print Layout Designer and Working with the Crystal Reports Software.

Form Settings... (Form Settings...)

Displays the Form Settings window with the list of options for the active window. You can change these settings to modify the fields, rows, and tables displayed in a window. Additionally, see Tools Menu.

Query Manager... (Query Manager...)

Displays the Query Manager window. For more information about queries, see Query Manager.

Messages/Alert Overview... (Messages/Alert Overview...)

Displays the Messages/Alerts Overview window, which displays user messages and alerts.

Calendar... (Calendar...)

The SAP Business One Calendar displays your scheduled meetings, phone calls, and other activities.

Context Help... (Context Help...)

Displays the SAP Business One online help.