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Procedure documentationG/L Accounts Revaluation Wizard (Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico) Locate this document in the navigation structure


G/L account revaluation is the last step in the revaluation process performed by SAP Business One. The G/L accounts revaluation wizard guides you through the five-step process of defining the required parameters for G/L account revaluation, observing revaluation recommendations, and performing the revaluation.


  • You have entered the values in the index table.

    The revaluation is performed according to the index values; therefore, it is important to enter accurate values.

  • You have run the exchange rate difference process.

    To start the exchange rate process choose Open Exchange Rate Difference, or go to   Exchange Rate Differences   Financials  .


  1. In   Revaluation   G/L Accounts Revaluation  , choose whether to start a new wizard or to run an existing one.

  2. Choose the accounts you wish to revaluate.

  3. Enter the date to revaluate to and choose the index according to which you want to run the revaluation. The month and year of the date are displayed in the To fields, and the value of the chosen index is displayed in the Value field.

  4. View the recommendation of postings, and select which postings to execute.

  5. Select whether to execute the recommendation, or save the wizard for future use.