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Query Generator is an SAP Business One tool that enables you to create queries using the SQL query engine. This tool is designed for data retrieval/selection only, and not for updates.

The Query Generator enables you to:

  • Create nearly any query yourself that can quickly answer questions arising in your company.

  • Access all the data in the database and evaluate it according to your needs.

  • Create individual report forms using the simple query syntax.

After defining a query, save it for fast access in the User Queries library. You can change or restructure your saved queries at any time.

To access the Query Generator choose from the Tools menu:   Queries   Query Generator  .

Recommendation Recommendation

We recommend that you first define a few simple queries to familiarize yourself with this tool. Then write more complex reports as you learn. Accordingly, the descriptions in this module start with simple queries and proceed to more complex definitions.

End of the recommendation.

Example Example

An initial example illustrates the principles of defining a query.

End of the example.

You can find general information on the structure of the database in SAP Business One, which should help you proceed to more complex queries.

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