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Procedure documentationPrinciples of Defining a Query Locate this document in the navigation structure


To define a query, you must first define the formatting for the report data. You then specify the conditions for selecting an object for the query.


  1. Define which data you want the report to contain by choosing the corresponding database table in the database – the table that contains the invoices in this case.

  2. Identify the data fields that you want to include in the report. In this example, they are the customer name and number, the invoice number, its creation date, the due date, and the amount due.

  3. Define the conditions an invoice has to meet to be included in the report. In this case, the condition is that the invoice has not been paid as of the report date.

  4. To create the query, either use the provided automatic selection options for inserting tables, fields, conditions, variables, and so on, or manually specify the required information in the relevant query zones.