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Use the Query Generator window to define and create your own queries. Select tables and fields on the left, conditions and variables on the right of the window.

The Tables Area

Use this area to select as many tables as you need for your query. When you select a table, its fields immediately appear in the Fields area.

Fields that are related to other tables are displayed in bold typeface. You can add the related table to the list of selected tables by dragging the related field to the Tables area.

The Fields Area

The Fields area includes two columns: Name and Description. In the resulting report, field descriptions are used as the field titles.

The Query Area

Displays selected fields separated by commas.

The fields in this area appear with a T0, T1, ... Tn prefix, which represents the table number from which a field is taken.

If you specify a field manually:

  • Add a comma to separate it from adjoining fields

  • Add a prefix with the relevant table number


Displays selected tables for the query. The application assigns the prefix number according to the order in which the tables were selected.


The area where the query conditions are defined and formulated.

Sort by

Define how to sort the query results.

Example Example

You create a query that lists the numbers of all sales quotations created by specific users for specific customers. To sort the query results by user, specify the User field in the Sort by area.

End of the example.
Group by

Group the query results according to specific criteria.

Example Example

You want to create a query that lists the customers to whom sales quotations were issued during a defined period. In this case, you group by customer code, so that each customer appears once, regardless of the number of sales quotations issued to each one.

End of the example.

Opens the Conditions area in which you choose variables and conditions.