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This procedure is part of the task of getting a new license key. For more information, see Getting a License Key (New Installations) or Getting a License Key (Upgrades).


  • You or your partner have received the license key file, either by e-mail or by downloading it from SAP PartnerEdge. For more information, see the License Guide on your SAP Business One product DVD.

  • You have ensured that all users have logged off from their respective companies. You cannot import a new license key file when users are logged on to the application.


New Installations
  1. From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Administration   License   License Administration  .

  2. In the License Administration window, ensure that the license server details are correct.

  3. Choose the Import License File button.

  4. In the Select License File window, select the new license key file and choose the Open button.

  1. Choose   Start   All Programs   SAP Business One   Server Tools   Service Manager  .

    The SAP Business One Service Manager window appears.

  2. Select the License Manager service and choose the Settings button.

  3. Ensure that the correct license server and port number are displayed.

    The license server must be either the computer name or the IP address of the computer on which the server tools were installed.

    Note Note

    Use localhost only in standalone installations.

    End of the note.
  4. Under Import License File, locate and select the new license key file.

  5. Choose the Import License File button.