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Special currencies – Conventional Units – are used for Amount Differences calculations. For more information, see Amount Differences [External].

Define Currencies Russia
Is a Conventional Unit

Select to define the currency as a conventional unit.

This type of currency behaves as a foreign currency in the system, but exchange rate differences are not calculated during payments. You have to use the Amount Differences Report [External] to calculate the realized differences.

Base Currency for Conv. Unit

Select a currency defined as conventional unit, on which to base this conventional unit.

Note Note

The currency you select cannot itself be based on another conventional unit.

End of the note.

Specify a factor by which to multiply the exchange rate of the Base Currency for Conventional Unit when calculating the exchange rate of this currency.

  • If you set a currency as Is a Conventional Unit and base it on another conventional unit, then Exchange Rate for that particular conventional unit is calculated automatically based on the base currency.

  • If you change the exchange rate of a base currency for a particular date, the exchange rates of all dependent conventional units (currencies) are automatically updated for that date, based on their Factor.

  • If you change the Factor for a conventional unit (currency) that is based on another conventional unit, the exchange rate for the former conventional unit is not updated for any date. You have to change the exchange rate of the base currency for a particular date (as described in point two) to trigger the change of the exchange rate of the conventional unit in focus.

  • When you generate the Exchange Rate Differences or Conversion Differences reports, the currencies defined as Is a Conventional Unit are not available for selection and are not taken into consideration. Use the Amount Differences report [External].

Note Note

This type of currency must not be used for payment means operations, which means that you must not create actual cash payments or bank transfers in conventional units.

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