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When importing a new item, you can also specify a price in a certain price list. This automatically inserts the price for the new item in this price list. However, to maintain several price lists, use Excel to import the prices into the remaining price lists.

To import price lists, define a Microsoft Excel table that contains the number of the item and the price information. The procedure is identical to the one used to import items.

You can import several price lists for items simultaneously. You must add to the Microsoft Excel table, additional columns for these price lists. The three columns of a price list must be imported together.

When an item is already in the system, specify the following mandatory fields when importing a price list:

  • Item code

  • Price list code

  • Price

  • Price list currency

This ensures that the prices for existing items are inserted into the specified price list.

Note Note

A price list can be defined in different currencies. If no currency is specified in the Price List Currency field of the import file, the prices are automatically assumed to be in the defined local currency, and are assigned the corresponding currency symbol.

Ensure the Price List Code column appears before the Price List Currency column in the Excel spreadsheet.

To add the euro symbol to its corresponding column in the import table, use the key combination Alt+0128 if the keyboard does not have a special key.

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Define the following three columns for the price information (in addition to the item number and any other item data) in the Microsoft Excel table:

  • Number of the price list

  • Price in the price list

  • Currency of the price list