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The following predefined alerts are available for immediate use:

Note Note

After you have enabled the cockpit for your account and added the Messages and Alerts widget to your cockpit, you can view the predefined alert messages in a clearer and easier-to-read way. For more information, see Messages and Alerts Widget.

End of the note.
  • Deviation from Credit Limit: Each business partner can have a predefined limit for pending sales and invoices. This alert is triggered when a quotation or other type of document varies from this credit limit.

  • Deviation from Commitment: Alerts when the commitment limit, as defined by the sum of the credit limit and the cheques received but not cashed yet is breached.

  • Deviation from % of Gross Profit: The conditions for the profit percentage in the document are defined in the Conditions tab of the Alerts Management window. This alert is triggered when a document has a gross profit less than this value.

  • Deviation from Discount (in %): Each business partner can have a predefined discount percentage. This alert is triggered when the discount for a certain document varies from this discount.

    Recommendation Recommendation

    We recommend setting alerts for deviations from a discount percentage for all outgoing sales document types, such as quotations, orders, deliveries, and invoices.

    End of the recommendation.
  • Deviation from Budget: An alert is issued if a new purchase order is calculated and a divergence from the budget occurs.

  • Minimum Inventory Deviation: Detects when the inventory for an item falls below the minimum level that has been defined in the item master record.

  • MRP Recommendation Due: Upon your configuration, the application issues alerts if you have not released recommendations into documents in time to fulfill the inventory demands.

    Example Example

    You have saved a recommendation for purchase order and the release date is July, 3.

    • For the condition Release Within (Days), you specify 0.

      The application issues alerts if the current system date happens to be the recommendation Release Date, or later than the Release Date, for example, July 4.

    • For the condition Release Within (Days), you specify 2.

      The application issues alerts if the current system date is July 1 or later than July 1.

    End of the example.

Note Note

For the above predefined alerts, with the exception of Minimum Inventory Deviation and MRP Recommendation Due, you can decide which documents to check and therefore limit or expand the scope of the alert.

End of the note.


To configure the predefined alerts, proceed as follows:

  1. From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Administration   Alerts Management  . The window opens in the Find mode.

  2. Using the navigation buttons in the toolbar, browse to and choose one of the predefined alerts. The window opens with the Conditions and Documents tabs displayed.

  3. Specify a priority: Low, Normal, or High. Messages sent with high priority are displayed in red and with an exclamation mark in the recipient’s inbox.

  4. To enable sending of messages for this alert, select the Active checkbox.

  5. Specify the conditions, on the Conditions tab.

  6. Select the document types that trigger the alert, on the Documents tab.

  7. To save the entries, choose the Update button, and the OK button.