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Procedure documentationDefining the Period-End Closing Locate this document in the navigation structure


Use this procedure to:

  • Create postings in the accounting system when a fiscal year or posting period ends

  • Transfer previous G/L account balances from one fiscal year or period to another, for accounts defined as assets, liabilities, or equity


  1. From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Administration   Utilities   Period-End Closing  .

  2. In the displayed Period End-Closing Selection Criteria Window choose the required criteria.

    To define additional settings, choose Settings.

  3. Choose Execute.

  4. In the displayed Period-End Closing Window choose the required criteria.

  5. To save the report as a draft, choose Save.

    To display the draft, choose Previous Report in the Period-End Closing window.

  6. To create the accounting postings for all the accounts that have been selected for closure, choose Execute.

    Note Note

    If you defined the projects for the selected accounts in the Chart of Accounts window, the project codes appear in the corresponding journal entry rows.

    End of the note.