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It is possible to modify alerts. For example, you can keep the settings of an alert, and use them for a different query, or you can change the name of an alert so that the title of its message adheres to company terminology.


  1. Choose   Administration   Alerts Management   to open the Alerts Management window.

  2. Browse to and open the relevant alert and make the necessary changes to the message by editing one, or all of the following properties:

    • The message type.

    • The terms.

    • The documents.

  3. To change the name of an alert:

    1. Overwrite the name.

    2. To save the changes, choose the Update button, and the OK button.

  4. To change a query for a user-defined alert:

    1. Hold down the CTRL key and double-click the Query field. The Description of Changes window opens.

    2. Double-click the required query to select it.

    3. To save the data, choose the Update button, and the OK button.

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