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Procedure documentationCreating and Activating a User-Defined Alert Locate this document in the navigation structure


Users can define many types of alerts to their specifications.


  • Only users defined in the Users - Setup window can receive alerts. For more information, see Users - Setup Window.

  • For user-defined queries, you have defined a query in the Query Manager window to enable the alert to be configured. For more information, see Query Manager.

Note Note

To select queries for the alerts, you also require authorization for the Query Manager.

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  1. From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Administration   Alerts Management  . The window opens in Find mode.

  2. Switch to Add mode and perform the following:

    1. Specify a name for the alert.

    2. Select a priority: Low, Normal or High.

    3. To enable sending messages for this alert, select the Active checkbox.

    4. Click the Open Saved Query button, and in the displayed Query Manager window, double-click the required query.

    5. From the Users list, select the recipients of the message.

    6. Define how the alerts are to be sent each user by selecting the appropriate checkbox, for example, by SMS.

    7. Specify a value for the time interval between alerts, that is, how often an alert should be sent in the Frequency field.

      If this field is empty, the message is sent only once.

    8. To display the log of alerts in the Messages / Alert Overview window, select the Save History checkbox.

      Leaving the checkbox unselected causes each new alert to overwrite the previous one.

  3. To save the alert, choose the Add button.


The alert is now active and triggers a message to the selected users as soon as the event defined in the specific query occurs.