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Procedure documentationImporting Foreign Journal Transactions (MOVEIN.DAT): Israel Locate this document in the navigation structure


You can import, from an external software product into SAP Business One, sales and purchasing documents that have been prepared in a MOVEIN.DAT file. You can also convert other file formats to a MOVEIN.DAT file and then import them into SAP Business One.

MOVEIN.DAT is a standard format for import and export files that also defines the fields that can be contained in the file.

For more details about this procedure and for information about the file format, contact SAP Business One Support. This window is only available in certain countries.


  • You have backed up the SAP Business One database.

  • If you run SAP Business One in a network, you have made sure that other users will be logged off the system during the import.


  1. In SAP Business One, log on to the company into which you want to import data.

  2. Choose   Administration   Data Import/Export   Import Data   Import Foreign Journal Transactions   (MOVEIN.DAT).

    The file manager opens.

  3. Select the MOVEIN.DAT file to import, and choose Open.

    After the import operation is complete, the Messages window displays any error and warning messages, as well as remarks about the import operation.

    The transactions are added as journal vouchers.

  4. Choose   Financials   Journal Voucher  .

  5. Select the imported journal voucher, and choose Save.

  6. When the confirmation prompt appears, confirm that you want to save the journal vouchers to the permanent file.