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Use this window to configure user-defined and predefined alerts.

To display this window, choose   Administration   Alerts Management  . The window opens in Find mode.

Selecting a predefined alert displays the following tabs:

  • Conditions: You set the conditions of an alert according to the alert type displayed in the Name field at the top of the window.

  • Documents: You select the document types for which alerts should be triggered.

Fields in the Alerts Management Window, Find and Add Mode

Specify a name for a new user-defined alert, or search for a predefined alert.

Recommendation Recommendation

As the message generated by an alert has the same title as the alert, we recommend assigning a name that is in accordance with the company's terminology.

End of the recommendation.

Specify a Low, Regular or High urgency factor.

Messages sent with high priority are displayed in red and with an exclamation mark in the recipient’s inbox.


Ensures that the alert will be sent.


Click the Open Saved Query button to open the Query Manager window and select the required query.


Displays the list of users to whom you are sending the alert.


Causes this user to receive an internal message.


Select how often the alert should be sent. New time periods can also be defined; in the Every field enter a numeric value and select a time measurement from the dropdown list, namely, minutes, hours, days, weeks or months.

When this field is empty, the message is sent once only.

Save History

Saves a log of the alerts in the Messages / Alert Overview window.

Leaving the checkbox blank causes each new alert to overwrite the previous one.