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The following table describes the fields that appear in the Holiday Dates window.

To access this window, choose   Administration   System Initialization   Company Details   Accounting Data   Holidays  .

Holiday Dates
Week Numbering

Define the method of calculating week numbers using the following three options. The definition impacts the week numbers and the first day of the week in forecasts and MRP recommendations based on weeks.

Note Note

When you update the week numbering definition, the calendar week numbers may change. These changes do not affect existing forecasts and MRP recommendations data:

  • For existing forecasts with a View of weekly, the old week numbers remain and no historical data is updated.

  • For existing recommendations generated by the MRP run on a week basis, the data will NOT be updated with changes to the week number.

End of the note.

Example Example

This example explains how week numbers of year 2009 vary according to different definitions. January 1, 2009 is a Thursday.

  • When you select First week starts on January 1, the year has 52 weeks, counting from December 29, 2008 to December 27, 2009.

  • When you select First week starts in first 4-day week, the year has 53 weeks, counting from December 29, 2008 to January 3, 2010.

  • When you select First week starts in first full week, the year has 52 weeks, counting from January 5, 2009 to January 3, 2010.

End of the example.

Enter the name of the holidays group you want to enter.

Example Example

You can enter holidays for each country you work with.

End of the example.
Valid for One Year Only

Applies the holiday table only to the year specified in the holiday dates. Deselect to define the holiday table as year independent.

Ignore Weekends for Payments

Considers weekend days as business days while calculating due dates for payments.

Weekend From ... To...

Select days for the weekend.

Start Date, End Date

Enter either the exact dates of the holidays for each year, or dates in general for the holidays that are not changed through the years.


Enter any additional remarks regarding the holidays or weekends.