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You can use this window to:

  • Specify for each withholding tax code the values that will appear in the Effective From and Rate columns of the Withholding Tax - Setup window.

    To access this window, choose   Administration   Setup   Financials   Tax   Withholding Tax  , and then choose Tax Definition.

  • Define an upcoming rate change and the date on which the new rate applies of the Jurisdiction Rates - Setup window.

    To access the window:

    1. Choose   Administration   Setup   Financials   Tax   Sales Tax Jurisdictions  .

    2. Specify the jurisdiction type and choose the OK button. The <Jurisdiction> Rates - Setup window appears.

    3. Open the Tax Definition - Setup window by doing one of the following:

      • Double-clicking the line # of the required row

      • Right-clicking the required row and choosing Tax Definition

      • Choosing the Tax Definition button at the bottom right of the window

Tax Definition - Setup Window Fields
Effective From

Specify the date on which a tax group rate (%) becomes effective.


Specify the tax rate. Since the percentage of tax may change from time to time, you can specify new values as required.

Note Note

For Brazil, if the value range is defined, this field remains blank.

End of the note.

Note Note

You cannot enter two records with the same date, regardless of whether or not the rate value is different.

End of the note.
Country-Specific Field: Brazil
Value Range

Opens the Value Range - Setup window for specifying value ranges.