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Use this window to define the tax codes and rates that are relevant for each tax category.

Code, Name

Define the code and name for the tax type.


Define the tax rate in percents with decimals, for example, 10,5 %.

A/R Tax Account, A/P Tax Account

Choose G/L accounts to be used in A/R and A/P journal transaction postings.

Non Deductible %

Define the non-deductible percent of the tax code. This percentage is the portion of tax that the company cannot deduct.

Non Deductible Account

Choose the G/L account to be used in journal entries created by documents that involve non-deductible tax values. This field is activated only if the non-deductible percentage is higher than 0%.

Country-Specific Fields: Mexico
Deferred Tax Account

Choose a G/L account to be used as a default account in transactions involving deferred tax.