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Use this window to define which users may approve specific transactions and how many authorizers are required in each case. A specific approval stage can be assigned to one or more approval procedures.

To access this window, choose   Administration   Approval Procedures   Approval Stages  .

Approval Stages – Setup Window
Stage Name

Specify a name for the stage.

This unique name should not be too precise, so as to allow its use for multiple approval procedures.

Stage Description

Provide a brief explanation of the substance of the stage.

No. of Approvals Required

Specify the minimum number of approvals required to complete this stage.

Example Example

Two authorizing users have been defined for this stage, but only one is required to complete it and move on to the next stage. Either user can approve it.

End of the example.

Select the authorizing users for this stage.


Displays the department linked to the user.

To display and select users from a certain department only, select the appropriate department and press Tab in the User field.

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