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Use this table to define which letter replaces which digit when encrypting the balances in the business partner master data and in the Chart of Accounts windows.

To access this window, choose   Administration   System Initialization   Authorizations   General Authorizations  . Select the Use Encryption option, and choose the Encryption Table button.

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This window is available in other localizations as well, only if you have upgraded to SAP Business One 2007 from previous releases.

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Encryption Table

Enter the character to replace each digit.

+, -, .

Enter a character to replace each sign.


Enter the character that should appear to prevent situation where the same character repeats it self. For example: 0 replaced with A, 1 replaced with B. The original balance of an account is 100.

It will be displayed as ABB. If you enter (for example) the character P in the Repeat field – the balance will be displayed as ABP.

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