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Use this window to define a letter format for each dunning level in your company. There are three default letter formats that you can adapt to your company standards using the Crystal Reports software version for the SAP Business One application and the Print Layout Designer tool.

To activate the Dunning Levels – Setup window, do the following:

  1. From the toolbar, click Form Settings (Form Settings).

  2. In the Form Settings – Main Menu window, choose   Administration   Setup   Business Partners   Dunning Levels   and select the checkbox.

To access this window after you have activated the function, choose   Administration   Setup   Business Partners   Dunning Levels  .

Setup Window Fields
Letter Format

Choose the required option. Choose All to use a letter format that combines all the dunning levels.

Effective After

Enter the number of days after which the dunning level takes effect. This field is disabled when the chosen dunning level is All.

Fee Per Letter

Enter the fee charged for a specific dunning letter. When the fee is related to the dunning level All, it is relevant only for the combined dunning letter.

Minimum Balance

Enter a minimum balance amount for the chosen dunning letter. If the debt of the customer is lower than the minimum balance defined, the dunning letter is not issued, even if the dunning level is already effective.


Calculates interest for the dunning level.

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