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The setup of SAP Business One requires the migration of legacy data from an external software product into the system. Master data includes customers and vendors, or product data and transactions, such as opening balances.

The data must be available as Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access files. SAP Business One features import programs that copy the data from a transfer file to the system and save it in the database.

You can import the following:

  • Data for business partners and items, from a Microsoft Excel file. The Excel import is used only for importing very basic data. It can also be used for a combination of loading and updating master data manually. The fields to be imported must be reconciled with the fields available in SAP Business One.

  • Transactions from one company into another in SAP Business One

  • Sales and purchasing postings from an external software product

  • Selected data and transactions using Data Transfer Workbench; see the online help in Data Transfer Workbench for SAP Business One. This tool provides an easy-to-use wizard that imports new data into the system and updates existing data. To simplify the preparation of the data for import, predefined data file templates are provided.