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This window displays each employee with each of his/her permissions per document. Only employees who are linked to users in the Employee Master Data window can view this window and all other windows in the Authorizations folder.

Authorizations can be granted per user, so that the user has the same permissions throughout the system. Authorizations can also be individualized, so that each user has different permissions for different documents.

Since superusers authorizations cannot be altered, this user's permissions are viewed as grayed out. Employees that are linked to super users have full permissions. All other users by default have no permissions.

Data ownership is driven by the owner field in sales opportunities and sales A/R and purchasing A/P documents. The owner can only be an employee that is associated to a user. Data ownership can be turned on or off either system wide, or by object, or even by individual form or report. A user can access the sales opportunity or A/R A/P document as long as he or she has a defined relationship with the owner and has been granted either Read Only or Full for the data ownership permission for that relationship.

The above relationships include:

  • Peer: the user and the owner share the same manager on their corresponding employee records

  • Manager: the owner is the user’s manager per the manager field on the user’s employee record

  • Subordinate: the user is the owner’s manager per the manager field on the owner’s employee record

  • Branch: the user and the owner are members of the same branch. The branch is read from the corresponding employee records.

  • Department: the user and the owner are members of the same department. The department is read from the corresponding employee records.

  • Team: the user and the owner are members of the same team. Team membership is defined on the corresponding employee records

For each of these relationships, the user can be granted Full, Read Only or No Authorization. In the event that more than one relationship exists between the user and the owner, the more lenient authorization is granted. For example, the user and the owner are in the same branch and department. If the user has Read Only for the branch but Full Access for the department, the user is granted Full Access to the sales opportunity or sales or purchasing documents in question.

To display this window, choose   Administration   System Initialization   Authorization   Data Ownership Authorization  .