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In the Tax Details window you can view summarized VAT by VAT groups on all relevant A/P and A/R documents (down payment invoice, invoice, correction invoice, credit memo). This can help you, for example, to adjust VAT appropriately on document rows on an A/P invoice to match the total tax with the printed original.

The window shows details of all VAT groups, including expenses on row details and freight on the document level. You can view the summary at any time during or after document creation.

To access the window, display a relevant document and choose Choose from List (Choose from List) next to the Tax field in the general area of the document.

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Tax Details Fields

VAT group tax code.


VAT group tax code name.

Rate %

Current rate for the VAT group.

Tax Amount

Total tax amount for the VAT group from the sales or purchasing document, including line and document expenses.