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Vendors are legally obligated to issue an A/R correction invoice if:

  • Rebates and discounts were given after the original invoice was issued

  • Goods were returned

  • The prices of goods and services were changed after the original invoice was issued

  • There was a mistake in price, tax rate, tax amount, net value, gross value, quantity, or unit of measure in any invoice item


An A/R correction invoice usually refers to an A/R invoice or another A/R correction invoice. However, the system allows you to enter a correction invoice without any reference to a preceding document. Such a situation can occur if the original document has not been entered to the system, for example, a document from a legacy system.

The system automatically performs all relevant posting in financial accounting, as well as performing changes in the Inventory module, such as inventory quantity.

A/R Correction Invoice is also displayed separately in the Banking module. You can link particular payments directly to it. If there are several correction invoices (one correcting the other) you will see all of them together with all invoices related to the business partner. The payment process is the same as with invoices.

The functionality and screen layouts are very similar to Purchase Correction Invoice. For more information, see A/P Correction Invoice - Creation Procedure.

Country-Specific Information: Hungary

This information refers to the specific print layout for Hungary, and to the printing of correction invoices.

To print the number of copies of a printed A/R correction invoice correctly, you must print the correction invoice directly from the A/R Correction Invoice form (click Print (Print) ). Do not print the correction invoice by displaying it via Print Preview (Print Preview); otherwise, the number of copies will not be printed correctly.