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The sales quotation may suggest alternatives to a customer request, enabling you to add alternative items to a sales quotation.


To add an alternative item, choose   Form Settings (Form Settings)   Table Format   and select the Visible and Active checkboxes of the option Type. The Type column appears in the relevant document. Choose A in the Type column on the Contents tab. All item details, such as description, price, and so on, are displayed. However, the price of the item and freight costs are not included in the total amount of the sales quotation, or in the subtotal rows.

You include alternative item rows in a target document in the same way that you include regular rows. When you create a sales quotation with an alternative item row, the application lets you include the alternative item row as well.

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The alternative item row is not related to other rows in the sales quotation and is independent – as any other regular row.

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