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When you create a marketing document, SAP Business One enables you to add text rows to the Contents tab for inserting any relevant free or predefined text.


  1. Choose   Form Settings (Form Settings)   Table Format   and select the Visible and Active checkboxes of the option Type. The Type column appears in the relevant document.

  2. To open the Row Text Details... window, choose T in the Type column.

  3. Enter the required text here. To insert predefined text, choose Insert Predefined Texts.

    The document displays only the first row of the added text.

  4. If the text is longer than displayed, double-click the row to view the entire text and edit it as necessary.

Note Note

  • You can copy text rows to target documents in the same way you copy other rows.

  • The content of the text row can be printed when you print the document, provided that you use a printing layout designed for this purpose.

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