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SAP Business One enables you to manage the entire purchasing process from purchase orders through processing A/P invoices. Furthermore, you can create various reports to analyze purchasing information such as purchase volume analysis, pricing information, vendor liabilities aging, and so on.


SAP Business One supports the following purchasing documents:

You can base one purchasing document on another and thus copy all relevant data into the new document. For example, you can start with the purchase order and base the goods receipt PO on that purchase order. You then proceed to the A/P invoice and base it on the goods receipt PO.

Since you create a contractual relationship with the vendor, with the exception of the purchase order, all purchasing documents are legally binding documents. The purchase order is intended, first and foremost, purely as an informational source in SAP Business One.

You can customize all purchasing documents to your specific requirements. For more information, see Document Settings, Text Row, Subtotal Row and Form Settings Window.

Note Note

If you have created a purchasing document with reference to an existing purchasing document, you can use the Base Document option to call up these documents. Position the cursor on the appropriate row and from the menu bar choose   Goto   Base Document  .

If you have created the follow-up documents with reference to the current purchasing document, you can call up these documents with the Target Document function. Position the cursor on the appropriate row and from the menu bar choose   Goto   Target Document  . If more than one target document exists, SAP Business One displays the last target document.

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