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The following information is relevant only to Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Mexico.

Use this function to create legal documents such as invoices and credit memos that include the fiscal document number known as Folio.

Documents created with a Folio number have two numbers:

  • The internal number defined in document numbering (see   Administration   System Initialization   Document Numbering  )

  • The Folio number that you can define using this function or when you create the document.

Note Note

Only documents without folio numbers can be canceled. On the other hand, you cannot assign folio numbers to already canceled documents and corresponding cancellation documents.

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In the Costa Rican, Guatemalan, and Mexican localizations, you have selected the Use Folio Number checkbox on the Basic Initialization tab at   Administration   System Initialization   Company Details  .

Note Note

For the Chilean localization, the folio numbering function is always activated.

For the Costa Rican and the Guatemalan localizations, activating folio numbering is only possible for new installations of SAP Business One.

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