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A/P reserve invoices enable you to create relevant posting in the accounting system only and do not affect inventory and inventory values. You use A/P reserve invoices to document an A/P invoice you receive from a vendor before goods arrive.

After you receive the goods, you create a goods receipt PO based on the A/P reserve invoice to update inventory quantities and inventory values.

SAP Business One enables you to create an A/P reserve invoice with a zero amount before you receive no-charge items, for example, items that are part of a promotion or under the coverage of a service contract.

The A/P reserve invoice is relevant for items only and is not available for services.

You close an A/P reserve invoice by creating an outgoing payment.

Note Note

Before you begin working with A/P reserve invoices, consult with your accountant.

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To access the window, choose   Purchasing – A/P   A/P Reserve Invoice  .

Country-Specific Information: Italy

When you create an invoice with a zero amount, note that you must charge VAT on free goods and that the customer has to pay the VAT.