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Procedure documentationCreating A/P Correction Invoices: CZ, HU, PL, SK Locate this document in the navigation structure


To create an A/P correction invoice with reference to a base document, proceed as follows:

  1. From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Purchasing – A/P   A/P Correction Invoice  .

  2. Specify the vendor.

  3. Choose Copy From and select the base document you want to reference.

    SAP Business One copies the base document data into the A/P correction invoice.

  4. Correct the relevant data (quantity, price, tax group, and so on) in the SHOULD BE section.

  5. Choose Add.


SAP Business One performs all relevant posting to:

  • Business Partners

  • Business Partner Reconciliation Account

  • Tax Account

  • Clearing Account

  • Inventory Account

  • Price Differences Account

  • Warehouse

SAP Business One automatically calculates, compares to the base document, and posts only the differences.