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As a part of the bookkeeping process, internal reconciliation is about matching and clearing transactions for business partners or for G/L accounts. In SAP Business One, part of the internal reconciliation process is done automatically by the application, and part of it can be done manually.

Most of the time, internal reconciliation takes place automatically, for example, when you create incoming or outgoing payments linked to invoices. In this case, SAP Business One automatically reconciles payments with the linked invoices. However, a standalone transaction, such as a payment on account, is unable to be automatically reconciled, as SAP Business One cannot know to which open invoices the payment relates. Therefore, you need to decide to which invoice the payment is to be applied and perform the reconciliation manually.

For both the automatic system reconciliations and the manually performed reconciliations, SAP Business One enables you to view the reconciliation details, and if necessary, cancel previous reconciliations in some cases.