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This window displays the Stage Analysis report according to the defined selection criteria.

Access the details of a specific stage by double-clicking a sales stage row.

To filter the display to a specific stage or sales employee, click , choose the required options, and Refresh.

The lower part of the screen displays the value for each stage, subdivided per sales employee in a printable graph form.

To display sales opportunities with an expired closing date, select the corresponding checkbox, and Refresh.

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Stage Analysis Fields

All sales stages, or only the specific stages chosen in the Selection Criteria window.

Defined %

Probability of success defined for each sales stage.

Actual %

Number of sales opportunities concluded profitably as a percentage of all concluded sales opportunities.

For example: If one out of four sales opportunities has been closed as Won, then the Actual % column displays 25%.

If one sales opportunity out of one has the status Closed and Won, then the Actual % column displays 100%.

These totals are also displayed per sales employee, in addition to the totals.

Leads in Stage

Number of times each sales stage appears in all the closed sales opportunities. This figure is also displayed per sales employee, in addition to the total.