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The following table describes the fields that appear in the Print Checks for Payment window.

To open the window, choose   Banking   Document Printing  . In the Document Printing – Selection Criteria window, select Check for Payment in the Document Type field. Enter the other parameters and choose OK.

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The window is also accessible through the payment wizard.

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Print Checks for Payment - To Be Printed

Displays the bank code from which the check originated.

Next Check No.

The number to be assigned to the next check to be printed, which is issued from the specified bank account. This number is taken from the field Next Check No. in   Administration   Setup   Banking   House Bank Accounts - Setup   window. You can change the check number if required, but only to a greater number as smaller numbers are already assigned to checks that are already printed.

Selection Column

All items are selected by default in this column. Deselect the checks for payment you do not want to print. To deselect or select all items, double-click the column header.

If you deselect an account, all the checks originated by this account are also deselected.

Internal ID

The internal alphanumeric key assigned automatically to the check by SAP Business One. This number is not printed on the check. Click Link Arrow (Link Arrow) to display the check for payment.

Post. Date

The posting date of the check.

Vendor Code

Displays the code of the vendor for which the check is created.

Total, Total (LC)

Display the amount of the check in the original and local currency.