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Use this window to specify selection criteria for producing a list of checks whose accuracy you need to verify.

To open the window, choose   Banking   Check Number Confirmation  .

After defining the criteria, choose OK to open the Check Number Confirmation window and proceed with the verification process.

Selection Criteria
Bank Account

Click to select a bank account or click for the following fields to make a selection:

  • Country – select the country in which the bank is located.

  • Bank – select the bank in which the account is managed.

  • Account – select the required account.

  • Branch – if the branch of the selected bank account is defined in House Bank Accounts – Definitions window, it is displayed here.

Posting Date From... To...

Define a range of posting dates to display checks created within this range.

Internal ID From... To...

Only checks whose internal key numbers fall within the specified range are displayed.

Vendor Code From... To...

Specify a range of vendor codes to display only checks that fall within this range.

Due Date From...To...

Specify a date range to display only checks with dates within the range.

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Check Number Confirmation