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To access the Cash tab in the Payment Means window, choose   Banking   Incoming Payments   Incoming Payments  . Alternatively, choose   Banking   Outgoing Payments   Outgoing Payments  . On the toolbar, choose Payment
Means (Payment Means). In the Payment Means window, choose the Cash tab.

Payment Means: Cash Tab Fields
G/L Account

For incoming payment documents, one of the following is displayed:

  • Account defined in the Cash on Hand field on the General subtab of the Sales tab in the G/L Accounts Determination window.

  • Default account defined for the user in the Cash Acct field on the Defaults tab in the User Default window.

If required, select another account. The selected account is debited once the incoming payment is added.

G/L Accounts (op)

For outgoing payment documents, specify the account to be credited when the outgoing payment is added.


Specify the total amount of the cash payment.

Country-Specific Field: China, Korea and Japan
Primary Form Item

This field appears:

  • In the drop-down list that contains all the active primary form items

  • Only if the G/L account determined is a cash flow relevant account

After defining the cash flow line items in the Cash Flow Line Items - Setup window, you can define specific distribution in the Combined Cash Flow Assignment window by choosing Define New Assignment at the end of the list.

Note Note

You can change the cash flow line item:

  • After the payment is executed, unless the payment is a credit card partial or split payment

  • At a later stage, in the corresponding journal entry or original transaction, unless the transaction has been cancelled

End of the note.