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Use the procedure to create checks for payment for G/L accounts or business partners – with or without the creation of the appropriate journal entry.


  1. Choose   Banking   Outgoing Payments   Checks for Payment  .

    The Checks for Payment window appears.

  2. Fill in the To Order of field:

    • If the check is for a G/L account, press TAB and select the required G/L account code.

    • If the check is for business partner, press CTRL+TAB and select the required business partner code.

  3. If you do not want the check-for-payment transaction to create a journal entry, deselect Create Journal Entry.

  4. In the table, specify the G/L account to be credited and the tax group required.

    Note Note

    You can credit more than one G/L account in the same check for payment as long as the amounts related to credited accounts are of the same currency (any of the following combinations is allowed: All Currencies + Foreign Currency accounts, if the amounts are in the specific foreign currency or All Currencies + Local Currency accounts if the amounts are in local currencies)

    End of the note.
  5. Specify the due date and credited bank details.

    Note Note

    When documenting a check that was issued manually, select Manual and enter the number of the check issued, otherwise, the Check No. field is disabled and will be updated automatically when the check is printed.

    End of the note.
  6. Choose Add.


The check for payment is added and, when Create Journal Entry is selected, the appropriate journal entry is recorded in the database.

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