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Use this tab to specify, view, and modify general information about the contract.

To access the tab, from the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Service   Service Contract   and select the General tab.

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General Tab Fields
Service Type

Select either Regular or Warranty.

  • A warranty contract can be created automatically when an A/R invoice or a delivery is added for an item with serial number management.

  • A regular contract can only be created manually.

Contract Type

Choose one of the following types of coverage:

  • Serial Number

    For items with a specific serial number (specify serial number on the Items tab)

  • Customer

    For all the items you sell to the customer

  • Item Group

    For items in a specific item group (specify item group on the Items tab)


Choose an existing contract template instead of specifying all the fields in the contract manually. A contract template that has a status of Expired is not available for selection.

Response Time

Specify the maximum amount of time allowed to respond to a service call.

Resolution Time

Specify the maximum amount of time allowed to resolve a service call.


Select the status of the service contract.

  • Approved

    The customer is entitled to receive service according to the contract.

  • On Hold

    Contract is set to inactive, and the customer is not entitled to receive service.

  • Draft

    The contract is not approved, and the customer is not entitled to receive service. This is the default status for all new service contracts.

  • Terminated

    The contract is terminated, and the customer is not entitled to receive service.

    To end the service contract, you specify the termination date in the Termination Date field. SAP Business One sets the status to Terminated.

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    You can change the status from Terminated at any time. If you change the status to another status, the Termination Date field is cleared automatically.


Specify the name of the user who is responsible for the service contract.


Enables you to renew an expired service contract.


Specify the number of days, weeks, or months for the alert to appear prior to the termination of the service contract. You can specify a value in this field only after you select Renewal.

Active Items

For a serial number contract only: the number of items that are related to the service contract and are defined as Active. An active item is an item that does not have a Termination Date and whose End Date has not arrived yet, as specified on the Items tab.