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In this step (Step 3 of 9), proceed as follows to specify the new company:

  1. In the Company Name field, specify the name for the new company.

    In the Database Name field, the wizard generates and displays the database name according to the company name, and with a prefix of DB.

    You can change the database name.

  2. Choose the Next button.

Note Note

The wizard disables the Next button until all the fields are filled.

End of the note.

In this step, the wizard retrieves the local settings and the base language from the solution package and displays them.

Local settings determine accounting related parameters such as: tax definitions, tax reports, available chart of accounts templates, and the availability of country-specific features.

The base language is the default language of the user interface and the language in which the default values, such as the default document series, the default payment term, and property description, are displayed.


The wizard takes you to the next step: Specifying Chart of Accounts.