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As an authorizer (manager/senior member) you can create an approval stage that can be assigned to one or more approval procedure templates, including which users may approve specific transactions and how many authorizers are required. You can assign an approval stage to one or more approval procedure templates.


  1. If approval stages have not been defined, under   Administration   Approval Procedures   Approval Stages  , specify a name and, optionally, a description for each stage.

  2. In the No. of Approvals Required field, specify the number of users required to approve each stage.

    It is useful to have more than one authorizer for documents, to compensate for authorizer unavailability.

  3. Specify the name of each user with approval privileges.

    By default, the department value is taken from the user account. You can override this when defining approval procedures.

  4. To save the data, choose the Add button.