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Use this window to create and add a new permissions object for user-created forms.

Additional Authorization Creator
Authorization ID, Name

Specify unique ID and name for the additional authorization.


Sets permission options for the new authorization:

  • Full/Read/None

  • Full/None


Indicates if the authorization is of Item type or Form type

Permissions set to a form apply to all its subordinates. Permissions set to an item do not apply to the parent form.


Sets hierarchy level for the object.

Parent ID

Selects a parent item when you add a subordinate object.

Display Order

Selects the location of a subordinate or sibling object within the permission hierarchy.

Forms ID/Edit

Opens the User Authorizations – Forms ID window.

Assigns the authorization object to a user-form of your choice by entering the form ID.

Add Same-Level

Choose to define new additional authorization with the same level of the selected one.

Add Sub-Level

Choose to define new additional authorization with level lower than the level of the selected one. Subordinate authorizations can be created for additional authorizations of levels one to four.