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You can classify your business partners by properties, which you define according to your business requirements. You assign the relevant properties when you process a master record for a business partner.

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The properties are not mandatory; a business partner can have none, one, or up to 64 properties.

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You can use the properties to:

  • Format reports and evaluations

  • Sort data

  • Select master records during processing


  1. From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Administration   Setup   Business Partners   Business Partner Properties  .

    The window lists the default entries (Default Property 1-64) and entries that you have previously defined.

  2. Select the first available default entry, or an existing entry that you want to modify.

  3. Enter a new property description, and choose Update.

  4. After making all your entries, choose OK.


You can define the property fields as follows:

Property 1-20


East, West, Midwest and so on.

Property 20-30


1 to 10 employees, 10 to 50 employees, 50 to 100 employees, and so on.

Property 30-40


Sanitation, Electrical appliances, Food, and so on.

You can assign a customer or a vendor as follows:




1-10 employees



You can define another customer or vendor as follows:




No assignment


Electrical appliances

Note Note

When you define customers and vendors, remember that this table applies to customers, leads and vendors. If necessary, you can define one area of the table for customers and a separate area for vendors.

If a business partner’s properties are not sufficient to map the properties you need, you can also apply user-defined fields, which you can customize as required.

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