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This report provides information on transactions related to cost accounting.

Authorization is required for viewing this report. The report excludes confidential G/L accounts for users who are set as No Authorization for Access to Confidential Accounts.

Use this window to specify selection criteria for the cost accounting summary report.

To open the window, choose   Financials   Cost Accounting   Cost Accounting Summary Report  .

After defining the report, you can view it in the Cost Accounting Summary Report window (see Cost Accounting Summary Report Window).

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This topic documents fields and other elements in this window that either are not self-explanatory or require additional information.

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Selection Criteria

From the dropdown list, select a dimension to view its related cost centers.

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Only active dimensions appear in the dropdown list.

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This field appears only when you selected the Use Multidimensions checkbox on the Cost Accounting tab of the General Settings window under   Administration   System Initialization   General Settings  .

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Hierarchy Template

If required and you’ve defined a cost center hierarchy, select the radio button, and from the dropdown list, select a hierarchy template to display the cost centers in the hierarchy.

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Selecting the radio button disables the Cost Center Type From…To… and the Sort Code From...To… fields.

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Cost Center

If required, select the radio button, and choose the Browse (Browse) icon to select specific cost centers in the Cost Center Selection window. By default, all cost centers are selected.

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In the Cost Center Selection window, you can choose the Find button to specify a range of cost centers to include in the report.

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Cost Center Type / Sort Code From…To…

If required, specify a range of cost center types or sort codes to include in the report only cost centers with selected types or sort codes.

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These fields are enabled only when you selected the Cost Center radio button.

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Date From…To…

Specify a range of posting dates, due dates, or document dates to include specific postings in the report.

G/L Accounts

If required, select the checkbox, and choose the Browse (Browse)icon to select specific G/L accounts in the Accounts – Selection Criteria window.

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In the Accounts – Selection Criteria window, you can choose the Find button to select specific G/L accounts using the selection criteria in the Find G/L Accounts window.

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Add Journal Vouchers

If required, select the checkbox to include journal vouchers in the report as potential postings.

Exclude Closing Balance JEs

Select the checkbox to exclude journal entries created by the period-end closing function. It is deselected by default.

Annual / Quarterly / Monthly Report

Select to display an annual, quarterly, or monthly report for the selected fiscal year.

Display LC / SC / LC and SC

Select to display the report in local currency, system currency, or both local currency and system currency.