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Use this procedure to upgrade your current license key. The license key file is required to run SAP Business One permanently.

You must get a new license key in the following situations:

  • You have a new or upgraded installation of SAP Business One.

  • The hardware key changes.

    The hardware key may change when the computer host name or domain changes (including removing from and adding back to the same domain.)

  • The current license key expires.

  • Licenses are required for additional users or components.

    Caution Caution

    You cannot complete the upgrade process without a valid license key.

    End of the caution.


To begin the upgrade process, you must have the Server Tools application installed. For more information, see the Administrator's Guide on the SAP Business One product DVD.


  1. Choose   Start   All Programs   SAP Business One   Server Tools   Service Manager  .

    The SAP Business One Service Manager window appears.

  2. Select the License Manager service and choose the Settings button.

  3. Specify the license server and the port number, and then choose the Connect button.

    The hardware key appears in the corresponding field.

  4. Post the request for a new license key in SAP Service Marketplace. For more information, see the License Guide on your SAP Business One product DVD.

  5. Import the license key file. For more information, see Importing a License Key File.