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Use this report to declare issued invoices and received invoices register books.

The report contains the transactions of the following VAT register books:

  • Issued invoices (output VAT)

  • Received invoices (input VAT)

  • Other intracommunity operations

  • Investments goods

You can generate new tax reports, adjust existing tax reports, and replace tax reports that have been submitted previously to the authorities. See the table below for a description of the report types and their use:

Report Type



You generate an original tax report when you create a report for the first time for a specific period (monthly or quarterly).


You adjust a report if your original report omitted any data, such as marketing documents that have not been selected or were entered late. In addition to the original data, the adjustment report contains those transactions that have not been included in the original report.


You generate a replacement report to submit a new version of the report for the same period, for example to correct erroneous data.


  • You have full authorization for Tax Report Generation at   Administration   System Initialization   Authorizations   General Authorizations   Financials   Financial Reports   Accounting   Tax  .

  • You have maintained the following data:

    • Residence Number Type (business partner master data, sales and purchasing documents, manual journal entries, and payments on accounts)

    • Operation Code (manual journal entries and payments on accounts)

    • IGIC (tax groups)