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Use this window to choose the payment for each tax component.

Credit Available

Displays the various tax credit amounts by tax type.

Credit amount is calculated:

  • From partially or fully paid A/P invoices and A/P credit memos

  • Up to the date defined in To Date in Tax Payment Wizard Step 2: General Parameters

Credit Utilization

Displays a matrix table of the service tax payable amount. You can specify the utilization amount of each component for credit amount.

Note Note

The utilization amount cannot be:

  • Larger than the existing credit amount displayed in the Credit Available field

  • Negative

End of the note.

Displays payable amount in Credit Utilization for different tax component of service tax.

Payable amount is collected from the journal entries of closed or partially paid AR invoices and AR credit memos which are posted in selected period and still open for service tax payment. AR invoices and credit memos generated before the current release are still included. If the AR Invoice is partially paid, then the payable Service Tax is calculated proportionately.

After selecting the payment methods, choose Next.

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