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Procedure documentation Installing SAPlpd Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


The following prerequisites apply for the installation of SAPlpd:

·        One of the Microsoft Windows operating systems

·        An implementation of the TCP/IP network protocol that supports WinSockets (the WINSOCK interface).

·        If SAPlpd is not installed on the PC, but rather is started through a network, a local working directory to which you can write, is required.

You can specify the location of the working directory in the Microsoft Windows program properties for SAPLPD.


SAPlpd is installed with the SAP GUI frontend software. The executable file is called SAPlpd.EXE. Start the installation of the SAP GUI with SAPlpd.

For more information about installing SAPGUI and SAPLPD, see the SAPGUI installation documentation.

The SAP GUI installation package contains the SAPlpd program and the following files:


·        SLPD.MSG (initializes SAPlpd in the language in which the program is to be displayed)

·        SLPDBITM.TXT (contains codes for icon printing)

·        Iprintg.dll (RFC server for frontend printing)

·        SAPFAX.DLL (required for faxing)



You have installed SAP GUI and SAPlpd. Additional information about SAPlpd is now available to you in the file SLPDREAD.TXT. This file is stored in the SAP GUI/SAPlpd.


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