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For the default cFolders and cProjects scenarios, no RFC destination is required. However, if you are using the cFolders or cProjects application programming interfaces (APIs) via the SOAP wrapper, the APIs consist of RFC function modules.

The cFolders APIs are required for:

        Back-end integration

        SRM integration

        Collaboration room integration

        Enterprise Portal

        Knowledge management integration

        cProjects integration

        ECL viewer

The cProjects APIs are required for:

        Knowledge management integration

        Enterprise Portal

        cFolders integration

        Object links to SAP R/3 or mySAP ERP

        Workforce Management Core integration (only if it is run on an external system)

        mySAP HR integration

If a user needs to use the APIs they must have the basic RFC authorization for the relevant API function modules. The SOAP wrapper adheres to the authorization rules that apply if the RFC module is called directly. The function group names are as follows:

        For cFolders: CFX_API

        For cProjects: CPR_API

To view the application-specific and basis authorization objects used in cProjects and cFolders, see the roles used for each scenario.


In cFolders, for example, all relevant authorization objects are assigned to the role SAP_CFX_ADMINISTRATOR and can be viewed using transaction PFCG in the SAP Web Application Server (SAP Web AS).

For more information about authorization objects and roles, see the SAP Web AS Security Guide on SAP Service Marketplace at SAP Basis / Web AS SAP Web Application Server Security Guide (ABAP + JAVA) SAP Web AS Security Guide for ABAP Technology in the section “SAP Authorization Concept”.

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