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Function documentation Transferring Individual Documents  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


In cFolders you can download and upload documents individually (Individual Transfer of Documents) or in bulk (mass transfer of documents), and check out documents for editing online.

When you create a document, you can upload a file from your local directory in cFolders, by choosing Upload a Local File on the detailed screen of the document. You can also upload an individual file to your existing document by choosing Upload on the overview screen of the document version.

You can download an individual file to a local directory by either selecting the file of the document with the right-hand mouse button and choosing Save Target As... or by choosing Download on the overview screen of the document version.


To check out documents for editing online, you must install and activate a plug-in on your front-end system. You can activate the plug-in by choosing Settings B tab page General, and then set an indicator in the Activate Plug-In.


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