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If some decision makers did not approve a phase by rejecting their individual approvals, you reject the approval too, as a rule. You can check the individual decisions on the Decision Maker tab page in the Decision column.


You can approve a phase despite not all individual approvals having been granted if your system administrator made the appropriate settings.


         You opened a project for processing (see Opening a Project or Project Version).

         You selected a phase in the structure tree of the project and are on the Approval tab page.



       1.      Choose Reject Approval.

The system sets the status of the phase to Approval Rejected.

       2.      Save your data.

The approval is rejected. You can begin the approval again. However, you can also complete the phase if you are of the opinion that the desired results of the phase cannot be achieved. If this is the case, proceed as follows:


If you complete the phase now, you cannot make any more changes to the project. You can only cancel it.

       3.      Open the Basic Data tab page.

       4.      Choose Complete from the Change Status dropdown box.

The phase is assigned the status Completed.

       5.      Save your entries.


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